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The Deficit Awareness Ribbon
The concept of the deficit awareness ribbon is not new. It was originally created by Rush Limbaugh as a gag when he folded a full dollar bill into a ribbon. James Fitzmaurice, aka the artist Lazlo has taken the idea one step further by making it into “Art”. Lazlo created his performance art to be worn by others as a constitutionally protected demonstration of free speech, similar to flag burning. It is also a form of participatory art or “Social Sculpture”

Q and A’s

Q: Why should I wear a Deficit Awareness Ribbon?

A: Obviously you are some sort of Neanderthal if you do not know how cool it is to show how much you really care about important issues by wearing ribbons.

Q: Isn’t it illegal to destroy our money?

A: Technically yes, it is illegal; but we are doing it for the children, as the financial burden being passed to the youth of this country is a much more onerous crime.

Q: What if someone asks if it is real money.

A: Tell them that it is no more real than the money that congress and the president are printing up each day by the trillions. And, that as a patriotic American, you are actually doing your part to try to stave off inflation by taking a dollar out of circulation and making something useful out of it.

Q: Isn’t it a federal crime/couldn’t I get arrested.

A: A silly concern; the feds are too busy suing Arizona and figuring out how to enforce 2000 page unconstitutional laws to restrict your freedom, to bother with this.

Q: Is this some kind of Joke?

A: I wish it was. But there really isn’t anything funny about what is going on in our government. Get informed, get involved, and remember to vote in November.

The individual is the first casualty on the road to serfdom.  Lazlo

For more of Lazlo's artwork go to www.therightsideofmybrain.com