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The Deficit Awareness Ribbon

Original  wearable art and

A do it yourself act of civil disobedience

As of this August, 2010, our government has begun “Monetizing” our debt.

This essentially means that we are printing up money and using it to buy our own bonds. This is like using a credit card to pay off your personal debt while still spending with all of your other credit cards.

This has NEVER worked out well.

See the “Weimar Republic” for some insight as to where this kind of policy leads.

Each deficit awareness kit contains four mounting bars to create four ribbons.

Each “artist” must use a dollar bill of their own.


Take any dollar bill and fold it into quarters. Crease the bill sharply and unfold.

Using a scissors cut the bill into four pieces and fold each section into a long ribbon.

Bend the ribbon around until it is in the awareness shape

Using a glue gun, (other types of glue will also work) glue the dollar together at the intersection and when dry, glue the ribbon to the supplied bar.

Allow some of the glue to go through the holes to make it fast.

You are now the proud owner of a deficit awareness ribbon and you have three others to give to friends.

Wear it proudly and use it as a conversation starter.

Even liberals recognize that our currency is in peril and that our massive debt is unsustainable

Remember that you are now a “performance artist” participating in “social sculpture” and that your right of free speech, at least for the time being; is protected.