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Learn more about the deficit awareness ribbon

The pupose of the deficit awareness ribbon is to engage people in the necessary conversation about where our government is taking us. I believe that most people are rightly concerned about our deficit and the spending that is so out of control that many question how we will ever get out of debt. The burden we are placing on future gererations is akin to fiscal child abuse. 
If you would like a deficit awareness kit send a self addressed stamped envelope (The low tech method is intentional) with two dollars in it to:
Deficit Awareness
21 First St.
Rumson, NJ
and I will send you the kit in your envelope. You may also contact me via the contact page.
Please make them up and give some to your friends and wear them proudly. When someone asks you about the ribbon you can direct them to this site to learn more about the spending problem we have in this county and do something that is fun and helps to spread the word that the path we are on is not a good one. Do it with your children and do it for your children.
For one of the best descriptions of the philosophy of money follow this link:  http://www.capitalismmagazine.com/economics/money/1826-Franciscos-Money-Speech.html
For information on how much the deficit has increased in the last two years go to:
For a really scary look at just how incompetent these people are go to:
Or contact me via e-mail @  Lazlototh3@verizon.net